Hi, my name is Trevor Kirkman


I am researching into (and creating a database of) the various Kirkman families that were born, or have lived, in Lancashire, England.

This is intended to help all future generations of Kirkmans find their roots. The idea is to make future research into the Kirkman families easier to process.


My website has been here for several years and is now out of date.

However, the  database on my own machine is always up to date.


Just as soon as possible I will be updating this website but, in the meantime, if you have any data that you would allow to be included, and particularly if you know the history of established trees involving the Kirkman families in Lancashire, I would love to hear from you.


There are about 15,000 individuals in my database and if you want to ask any questions about Kirkmans in, or from, Lancashire I would be delighted to help you, if I can.


You can contact me here


Created Oct 2015.  T. Kirkman