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My interest in REIKI developed and grew in spite of my initial refusal of this healing energy.


In June 1998 I was browsing through a whole row of books in a mega book store in Milan looking for a specific book on Bach Flower Remedies. Whilst pacing up and down the row, a book entitled “Cristalli, REIKI e Super Coscienza” by an Italian writer dropped on my feet twice and I decided that once could be a coincidence, but twice was an invitation to buy the book, which I did.


I started reading the book immediately after reaching my relative’s house and could hardly put it down until I read the word “fine” (Italian for ‘end’). I contacted the writer, herself a REIKI Master who ran a Healing Centre in Milan, and on the spur of the moment booked myself in for her next REIKI course. Over the following four years, whilst visiting my mother in Milan, I completed the 3 Levels, becoming a Master in June 2002.


REIKI is a well known healing energy and there are scores of books and articles available that explain its origin in Japan by Dr Mikao Usui who used to take a form of meditation that lasted 21 days and during one such time on Mount Kurama he was given the inspiration for this system of healing which he named REIKI. In April 1922 he opened his first school/clinic in Tokyo and from there he spread his teachings. His work was taken to Hawaii by Mrs Hawayo Takata in 1938. Eventually it reached the USA, then Europe and the rest of the world. These are a few of the most visited websites on REIKI.


REIKI-evolution       REIKI dharma      REIKI


When you receive this healing energy you can usually experience deep relaxation during the treatment, release emotional stress and may also acknowledge relief from physical ailments. Some people see colours and others feel the energy that is being channeled, whilst others simply feel relaxed.





The session lasts approximately 45 minutes and I allow 60 minutes to complete the introductory form at the first session and exchange of comments, where appropriate, after the session. The healing energy of REIKI works in conjunction with the Chakra system, energetic centres within the human anatomy. It works well also withthe energy of  crystals andgemstones,s whichseemsm to heighten the healing experience.



Guisi Sorrentino....Working With Energy