working with energy


My name is Giusi Sorrentino - A constant back problem and headache in my 30s forced me to search into looking after the body without total dependence on doctors and chemical drugs. YOGA was the key that opened all the other gates for me into areas of healing. Through the practice of proper breathing I was introduced into meditation and a deeper understanding of what life is about. Through Yoga I learned about the Chakra energy system in the body and later about Meridian lines. I also learned the importance of looking after myself through a healthy diet, not for the purpose of slimming but to supply the physical body with the essential nutrients for health and wellbeing.

On the physical side I found TAI CHI very energising and now attend Yoga and Tai Chi sessions at my local gym. It all helps to keep oneself fit.

I became interested in complementary therapies in the early 90s and my quest for answers to physical and emotional problems brought me to research into the clinical aspects of aromatherapy and massage, which I practiced until 2008. Although I no longer offer massage sessions, I have maintained the same awe and respect for the healing properties of essential oils, which can be used successfully in inhalation and other methods.

During my learning process I discovered the healing energy of REIKI in 1997and became a REIKI master in 2002.

In the same year I came across EMF Balancing Technique® and learned phases I-IV. The technique developed into thirteen phases and I learned phases V-VIII in December 2010 and phases IX-XIII in February 2012.

I've always been fascinated by crystals and gemstones and felt attracted by their colour, shape and the different energy I could feel with each type of stone. I can combine their energy when working with REIKI and Meridian Lines Realignment.

The work that I do assists in helping/healing yourself. I use the gift of channeling energy towards you and then it is up to you to allow the energy to assist yourself in the healing process. The human being is a being of free choice and he/she is the only one who can heal him/herself.

I do have a healthy respect for modern medicine too, which with today's state of the art techniques can save lives and perform miracles. I always say that I have achieved ‘a lot’ through all that I have learned over the past years, but it took a trained surgeon to restore the sight in my left eye twelve years ago.

Guisi Sorrentino....Working With Energy